How to recover files from corrupted hard drive

Published: 24th January 2008
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Hard drives are usually reliable devices that store your personal and business information. If your hard drive gets corrupted and important files are deleted, it can create a big problem for you. If your important data are lost and there is no backup system in your computer, do not think that there is no any way to recover lost data.

Computer users are threatened about fact of the computer crash. They think that due to corrupted hard drive their data could be wiped out completely. But there are number of solutions available to recover data lost due to hard drive corruption. Many software companies are providing data recovery software to recover the lost data. Following are the symptoms that can be the cause of a hard drive corruption:

1. If your hard drive making some clicking sound, it means hard drive may crash.
2. At the time of booting, if you see the blue screen it means operating system may corrupt.
3. Partitions of the hard drive may be deleted, if your computer show any error like 'drive not formatted', in the middle of the operation.
4. Your computer continuously hang, restart and reboot in the middle of operation, it is the sign of virus attack.

Data recovery software can recover lost data, if hard drive corrupted logically. There are some instances when you are not able to recover lost files by using data recovery software. It can happen in the case of physically corrupted hard drive. That means any part of hard drive crash or break down.

In the case of physically corrupted hard drive, you should send the hard drive to the data recovery lab to recover data. In the lab data recovery experts will create a clone of crashed hard drive and recover all lost data.

Download data recovery software online if files are deleted due to logical corruption. Try demo version first to preview all deleted file and folders. If you are satisfied with demo version, get full version to restore deleted files from corrupted hard drive. When hard drive crashed physically and hard disk recovery is not able to solve problem, send your hard drive to lab to recover data.

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